Linn Series 5 system


Series 5 from Linn. Impeccable sound in a home-friendly package.

Components  Price 
Linn Akurate System Hub  $       5,500.00
Linn 520 speakers  $    19,000.00
520-based system no turntable  $    24,500.00
Linn 530 speakers  $    26,000.00
530-based system no turntable  $    31,000.00
Linn Akurate LP12  $    14,000.00
520-based system with turntable  $    38,500.00
530-based system with turntable  $    45,000.00


If you’re looking for a HIFI that doesn’t look like a HIFI, check out the 520 and 530 systems from Linn.

With speakers elegantly dressed in a wide choice of acoustically transparent Fabrik covers, these systems will blend unobtrusively into any room.

Common to both systems is the sonically brilliant and versatile Akurate System Hub, normally found in larger (and more expensive) systems.  Replacing bulky speaker cable is a simple Cat-5 digital connection that carries your music to the amplifiers built within the speaker cabinets.

The 520 speakers are the more compact offering.  These provide a far bigger performance than their discreet dimensions would imply.

Choose the larger 530 speakers and you get an Isobarik bass system, adding incredible bass, but still without the bulk of conventional speakers.

If you want to listen to vinyl through either of these systems, don’t worry.   Just connect an Akurate LP12 and you’re good to go.

Want to know more? Just see the Linn website…

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