Professional HIFI services for Central Otago.

As our name implies, HIFI Projects doesn’t just sell boxes; we look to add value with invaluable services too. Whether you’re looking for a modest HIFI system or a more lavish one, we’ll not only provide sage advice on how to mix and match components, we can also set things up and customize your installation to achieve the best possible sound.

Linn LP12 servicing

If your turntable is a little out of sorts, or possibly you’re considering giving it an upgrade; just give us a call. Our Linn-trained people will be sure to help you get your precious vinyl sounding its best.

Linn LP12 turntable

Linn Space Optimisation

Wanting to make your speakers (and the rest of your HIFI for that matter) match your listening room and its acoustics? Just get in touch. We’ll take our measurements, perform the necessary space optimisation calculations and get everything in tune.

Custom speaker cabling

Whilst we do sell cables in factory-made lengths, we can customize your cabling for you too. If the requirement is simple or complicated, austere or esoteric; we’ll have a professionally-created solution to match your system, your home and your budget.

QED speaker cable

Just get in touch and our services will have your treasured HIFI singing sweetly after a visit to our Central Otago workshop.