With turntable HIFI systems from Linn Products and Rega Research, your precious vinyl never sounded so good.

Whether you’re a vinyl virgin or an aficionado of all things analogue, you’ll have to admit that vinyl is enjoying a well-earned renaissance.

As there has never been a better time to listen to quality vinyl on a top quality turntable, we’ve carefully chosen six systems, all built around a turntable from either Linn Products or Rega Research. With lineage tracing back to the 1970’s, you can be sure that you’ll not only get great sounds and jaw-dropping looks, but your precious records will also be treated very well too.  Plus, if you’re looking to attain pure vinyl nirvana, we have some awesome systems to tempt you with.

We have ALL the turntable-based systems below on demonstration NOW.  Just get in touch to hear these systems for yourself in our demo studio.

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