A proud UK institution, turntables and amplification from Rega Research have been charming everyone’s eyes and ears with HIFI solutions since the mid 1970’s. Innovative, elegant and minimalist products that sound as good as they look. You’ll have every excuse to dust down your precious record collection.

Always a company to tread their own path, this is how the Rega website describes the company’s ethos: “Engineering is the beating heart of Rega Research Ltd, a company obsessed with specialist materials, tolerances, and accuracy. Every Rega product is designed to achieve the best musical performance and deliver a lifetime of enjoyment at an affordable price. Rega remains a dedicated British manufacturer and employs over 140 people. Rega designs and assembles every product by hand in their custom-built 38,000 square foot facility in the South East of England, with their product range exported globally to 46 different countries.”

We have HIFI solutions from Rega Research on demonstration NOW. Listen to turntables, amplifiers, cartridges and tonearms for yourself in our demo studio.

For complete information about the Rega product range, check out the Rega Research website.

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