Rega Apheta 3 MC Cartridge


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The Apheta 3 MC moving coil cartridge from Rega. Effortlessly extracting even more detail from the record groove, translating into even more music.

For more than 15 years Rega has been perfecting its unique designs of moving coil cartridges. They have pioneered undamped micro mass generation systems coupled with high integrity jointless bodies. In recent times they have achieved new levels of power from rare earth magnets. This 15 year evolution using the latest technological manufacturing process and recognised laws bought them the hugely successful Apheta 2.With the Apheta 3 they have pushed another boundary, for several years they have been developing state of the the art diamond profiles of a “Fine Line” design mounted through 90 degrees (the same technique used in the Aphelion 2 reference model) this work has resulted in Apheta 3 extracting even more detail from the record groove which of course translates into more music.

Apheta 3 features a super high-powered, neodymium magnet and a coil meticulously hand wound on an iron cross that is fifty percent smaller than the MK1 model. This weight reduction allows the cartridge greater freedom to track the vinyl groove. The Apheta 3 is housed within a completely redesigned, single piece, aluminium anodised body and protected by a CAD designed, smoked rigid cover to protect the internal fine wires, making handling whilst fitting, safe and risk free. The Apheta 3 is the perfect partner for the latest Planar 8 and Planar 10 turntables.

If you want to know more about the Rega Apheta 3 cartridge, just follow this link to the Rega website.

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  • Fine line profile nude diamond stylus
  • Iron micro cross assembly
  • Ultra high powered custom Neodymium magnet
  • High specification wire
  • Aluminium CNC machined one piece body
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects

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