Based in Lanarkshire, Scotland, Fyne Audio design and manufacture award winning HIFI speakers. Comprised of ex-Tannoy engineers, the design team boasts decades of speaker design experience, despite the company itself being relatively new. All this expertise has produced many technological innovations:  Single-point Isoflare tweeters, Basstrax bass distribution and Fyneflute driver surrounds to name but three. To quote from the Fyne website: “Our experienced team of acoustic and mechanical design engineers have been in the loudspeaker business for very many years. Since coming together to form Fyne Audio, they have been busy honing their existing skills and developing technologies to ensure that we can offer best in class performance speakers at all price levels.”

All speakers in the Fyne Audio product range are designed and engineered in-house. With models in the lower echelons of the range manufactured offshore, price points in more cost-conscious sectors match technology with affordability. With their mid-range and high-end models, Fyne keeps everything under the one roof, resulting in impressive acoustics, complemented by hand-built elegance.

We now have several Fyne Audio HIFI speakers in our demo studio, including F501, F501SP, F302i and F301.

For complete information about the Fyne product range , check out the Fyne Audio website.

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