Linn Akubarik system


An Akurate System Hub combines with the Akubarik active speaker system via Exakt link for a sublime sonic performance.

Components  Price 
Linn Akurate System Hub  $       5,500.00
Linn Akubarik Exakt speakers  $    58,000.00
Cost without turntable  $    63,500.00
Linn Akurate LP12  $    14,000.00
Cost including turntable  $    77,500.00


The Akubarik Exakt System uses the same Exakt technology used in Linn’s flagship Klimax Exakt System, putting the source in the speaker.

Comprising the Akurate System Hub and Exakt Akubarik speakers (now including the Katalyst DAC), this exquisite system provides a radical performance upgrade by pushing the lossless digital path all the way to the speaker.

Keeping the signal digital, and only converting to analogue at the last possible stage, removes the sources of noise and distortion associated with traditional HiFi systems, which means the music you hear is a far more faithful reproduction of the original recording.

Looking to add vinyl to complement this system’s stunning performance? Just add an Akurate LP12.

Want to know more? Just see the Linn website…

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