Linn Majik system


If you’re looking to get onto the Linn HIFI ladder, check out the Majik system for stunning sound at a wallet-friendly price.

Components  Price 
Linn Majik DSM  $       5,995.00
Linn Majik 109 speakers  $       2,800.00
109-based system no turntable  $       8,795.00
Linn Majik 140 speakers  $       6,995.00
140-based system no turntable  $    12,990.00
Linn Majik LP12  $       6,500.00
109-based system with turntable  $    15,295.00
140-based system with turntable  $    19,490.00


Start off with a Majik DSM and immediately everything sounds simply better, be it music, movies, games, TV or radio. With Space Optimisation technology built in, matching your system to your environment (even smaller spaces) is a breeze.

If space is at a premium, go no further than the Majik 109. Despite its bookshelf-sized proportions, you’ll soon find that great sound can be found in small packages.

Move up to the Majik 140 floorstander and you’re now in serious HIFI territory. Comprising four drive units within each speaker, you’ll have power and precision in the bass and midrange, together with incredible clarity at high frequencies; all helping you get closer to the music.

Just add a Majik LP12 to listen to your LPs in perfect clarity.

Want to know more? Just see the Linn website…


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