Anthem receiver + Q Acoustics 3000i series speaker system


Looking for quality HIFI at a mouthwatering price? Look no further.

Components  Price 
Anthem MRX 520 Receiver  $      2,499.00
Q Acoustics 3030i  $         849.95
MRX 520/3030i system without turntable  $      3,348.95
Rega Planar 1 plus  $         775.00
MRX 520/3030i system with Planar 1 plus  $      4,123.95
Anthem MRX 720 Receiver  $      4,299.00
Q Acoustics 3050i  $      1,699.95
MRX 720/3050i system without turntable  $      5,998.95
Rega Planar 3 + Rega Fono MM  $      2,175.00
MRX 720/3050i system with Planar 3 & Fono  $      8,173.95


Start off with great electronics. Connect either the Anthem MRX 520 or 720 to your preferred digital stream, analogue source or even a turntable and get performance that previously only separates could match.

As for the speakers, how about the Q Acoustics 3030i or 3050i? Bookshelf or floor mount? Either way, get a big bold sound without breaking the bank.

Would you like some vinyl with that? Check out the elegant simplicity of the Rega Planar 1 plus, or the iconic Rega Planar 3. Either way, you’ll be breathing new life into your LPs.

System Components

If you’d like to know more about the components that make up this system, just click the links below.  Each link will open up a new browser tab, so just close a tab when you’re done.

Component  Links 
Anthem MRX 520 Receiver
Anthem MRX 720 Receiver
Q Acoustics 3030i
Q Acoustics 3050i
Rega Planar 1 plus
Rega Planar 3