Creek 50CD/100A / Q Acoustics 3050i system


If you’re looking for a big, detailed sound that will make your wallet smile; check this out.

Components Price
Creek Audio Evolution 50CD $         1,995.00
Creek Audio Evolution 100A $         2,995.00
Q Acoustics 3050 $         1,699.95
Cost without turntable $         6,689.95
Rega Planar 3 + Creek Sequel $         2,025.00
Cost including turntable $         8,714.95


Start off with a great source. The Creek Audio Evolution 50CD isn’t just a CD player. It is a high-end DAC-enabled hub that lets you control and consolidate a plethora of digital music sources and then connect to your chosen amplification via digital and analogue connections.

For amplification, the Creek 100A is hard to beat. With plenty of high performance and high efficiency power, your speakers will certainly be singing sweetly.

If you are looking for speakers that combine power, authority and detail, look no further than the 3050i from Q Acoustics. Simply stunning sonic performance from a compact floorstander.

Plus, if you want to breathe new life into your LPs, why not add a Rega Planar 3?

Want to know more about the 50CD? Just see the Creek website…
Want to know more about the 100A? Just see the Creek website…
Want to know more about the 3050i? Just see the Q Acoustics website…

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