Linn K200 speaker cable


K200 with QED Airlok Metal terminations  Price 
Pair of 2 metre cables  $        630.00
Pair of 4 metre cables  $        950.00
Pair of 6 metre cables  $    1,270.00
Custom lengths and terminations  $     POA
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High performance K200 speaker cable from Linn delivering the best in analogue speaker interconnects.

Linn’s highest quality speaker cable, K200 uses a twisted pair of 60-strand (4 sq mm) copper core, offering superior shielding and audio performance over K20.

Enclosed in a flexible sheath, K200 is easy to manipulate for neat installation and compact enough to be used in multiple cable runs where multi-wiring is required.

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  • 2-core loudspeaker cable
  • Each core contains 60 strands of copper (4 sq mm)
  • Flexible sheath in silver finish
  • Outer diameter 8 mm
  • Professionally terminated with high performance QED Airlok Metal banana plugs