Linn Majik subchassis


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Linn Majik Subchassis. Precision engineering and quality materials to upgrade your Sondek LP12 to the latest Majik specification.

Providing a solid and rigid platform for the LP12, the multi-layer box construction of 1.5mm thick aluminium provides strength and rigidity and when teamed up with the LP12’s five-layer laminated armboard, creates a firm and acoustically damp platform for your tonearm.

The Majik Sub-chassis is fitted as standard to the Sondek LP12 / Majik LP12 turntable. Also available separately as an upgrade, this offering increased performance for any earlier deck that features the older ‘standard’ sub-chassis design.

If you want to know more about the Linn Majik subchassis, just follow this link to the Linn website.

For other Linn products in our range, just click here.

  • Aluminium subchassis
  • Used with 5-layer sandwich-construction laminated armboard
  • Versions available for Linn, Rega, SME & Naim tonearms

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