Linn HIFI and quality home audio solutions from HIFI Projects of Central Otago

HIFI lets you fall in love with music all over again.  Perhaps it’s the first LP that you ever bought and haven’t listened to in years?  Maybe it’s your first attempt at a mixtape that you now want to put together digitally?  Or is it just trying to relive the atmosphere of a great concert whilst sat in your favourite armchair?  Whether it’s all of these or something else entirely, a quality HIFI system helps you and your music become connected.

At HIFI Projects, our role down here in Central Otago is to help you realise that connection.  Whether you’re a HIFI newbie, or a lifetime enthusiast, we’re confident that we can help you recreate some of that magic.

Let your ears decide. We have several systems from Linn and other great manufacturers on demonstration NOW.  Just get in touch to hear for yourself in our demo lounge.

Linn Selekt DSM plus Q Acoustics Concept 500
Sounds just as good as it looks
Fuse style, sophistication and sonic performance. Linn Selekt DSM plus Q Acoustics Concept 500.
Linn Q Acoustics Rega. All on permanent demonstration
Let your ears decide...
Linn, Q Acoustics, Rega. Hear these stunning systems for yourself in our demonstration lounge.
Linn HIFI systems
Linn products. The best just keeps getting better
Installation and automation solutions
Designing, building or renovating?
Partner with HIFI Projects for a home or workplace solution carefully tailored to meet your needs.


Uncompromised performance, understated elegance and staggering affordability. The new Concept 300 from Q Acoustics.


Modular. Configurable. Tactile. As stunning to look at as it is to listen to.


Here's a small selection of products that are capturing our team's attention at the moment:

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