Linn Selekt DSM streamer


We have BOTH Classic hub with Katalyst DAC and Edition hub with Organik DAC on demonstration NOW.  Just get in touch to hear this network music player for yourself in our demo studio.

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The Selekt DSM streamer from Linn. Precision-engineered, and with simply stunning audio performance. The most configurable streamer ever.

To revolutionise your interaction with digital music, just choose Selekt DSM. It’s a tactile and beautiful musical experience, better in every sense.

Fitting within Linn’s middle performance tier, Selekt DSM contains technical enhancements that puts its performance head-and-shoulders above previous incarnations of Linn’s reference-level components.

With its designed-in flexibility, Selekt DSM can fulfil a multitude of roles with ease:

  • If you’re working your way towards the separates system of your dreams choose Selekt DSM as source-only, with whichever digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) performance level you prefer.
  • Perhaps you’re looking for a one-box-does-it-all solution with on-board amplification?  Just choose your DAC, and Selekt DSM has you covered.
  • If you’re looking for Selekt to be the heart of your home entertainment in partnership with your TV (or even as a fully integrated 5.1 Surround Sound receiver), there is an option here for you.
  • Maybe you’re looking to bi-amp, tri-amp, or even choose Linn’s Exakt link?  No worries, you can choose these options too.

Selekt DSM is a future-proof product ecosystem purpose-built for hi-fi enthusiasts.  Put simply, Selekt DSM is a unique, high-performance solution that’s unlike anything else on the market. To make it your own, all you have to do is follow three simple steps:

  1. Firstly, you just need to select your preferred enclosure design.  Choose from either the original Classic Hub, or the deluxe, higher-performance Edition Hub.
  2. Next, you should choose which of the three distinct tiers of DAC performance your Selekt DSM will have, be it Standard DAC, the higher-performing Katalyst DAC, or the peak performance of Organik DAC.
  3. Finally, just choose which role you would like Selekt DSM to perform in your home today.  Plus you have the option to expand and upgrade its capabilities anytime in the future.

Out of the myriad of Selekt options, below are four commonly-chosen 2-channel configurations.  To discuss how you can configure and make Selekt your own (in both two-channel and multi-channel), just Just get in touch with us.

Configuration 1  Price 
Selekt DSM Classic Hub  $    9,250.00
Standard DAC module  $        450.00
Power Out cartridge  $    1,584.00
2-channel all-in-one Standard DAC spec, Classic hub  $  11,284.00
Configuration 2  Price 
Selekt DSM Classic Hub  $    9,250.00
Katalyst DAC module  $    2,750.00
Power Out cartridge  $    1,584.00
2-channel all-in-one Katalyst DAC spec, Classic hub  $  13,584.00
Configuration 3  Price
Selekt DSM Edition Hub  $  18,150.00
Organik DAC Stereo module  $    5,830.00
Power Out cartridge  $    1,584.00
2-channel all-in-one Organik DAC in Edition hub  $  25,564.00
Configuration 4  Price 
Selekt DSM Edition Hub  $  18,150.00
Organik DAC Mono module (pair)  $    9,850.00
Mono Line Out cartridge (pair)  $    2,725.00
2-channel line out Organik dual mono in Edition hub  $  30,725.00

If you want to know more about the Linn Selekt DSM streamer, just follow this link to the Linn website.

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Expert Reviews

Not only do we like this digital stream player, those in the know like it too.  Here’s what they have to say:

Source Date Key comment Click the link for the full review
Sound Advice 2023 It’s thrillingly musical, able to bring recordings bounding to life in an almost unlikely manner.
Stereonet 2023 The Edition Hub with Organik dual mono DAC sounds and performs like a far more expensive collection of discrete components.
What HIFI? 2022 5* Way more than just a typical high-end network streamer
The Absolute Sound 2019 With Selekt DSM, Linn has made a powerful and bold statement that is sure to set the bar for all who follow this now clear and accepted path
Stereonet 2019 The highly polished centrepiece of an entire entertainment system – one that is a timeless and tactile delight
What HIFI? 2019 The new Selekt DSM moves the game on yet again
Computer Audiophile 2018 Wonderful industrial design and usability aspects usually found in more lifestyle products
The ear 2018 First impressions
Hifi Pig 2018 Beautiful in its simplicity
Inside CI 2018 Sublime Linn Selekt DSM network music player elevates streaming audio
hifi+ 2018 Linn’s latest does everything superstar, the Selekt DSM looks like a winner

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