Linn Selekt DSM network music player


Precision-engineered and future-proof, effortlessly matching complete flexibility with simply stunning audio performance.

On demonstration NOW.  Just get in touch to hear this network music player for yourself in our demo studio.

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Selekt DSM will revolutionise your interaction with digital music. It’s a tactile and beautiful musical experience, better in every sense. It will make your system sound better and it will help you fall in love with your music all over again.

With five base model configurations (plus a host of upgradeable modules), the Linn Selekt DSM matches complete flexibility with simply stunning audio and surround sound performance.

As stunning to look at as it is to listen to, every element is precision engineered for the most authentic musical performance possible.

Feel the music you want to play. Selekt DSM’s jewel-like dial and smart buttons are ready to be personalised just for you, giving you immediate access to the music you want to hear, no matter the source.

Selekt DSM is designed to fit with your system and make it sound better, whatever your setup.

Configuration  Price 
System hub (no line out or amp)  $     7,650.00
Line Out Version (no Katalyst)  $     8,845.00
2-ch Amp Version (no Katalyst)  $     9,565.00
Line Out Version (with Katalyst)  $   10,630.00
2-ch Amp Version (with Katalyst)  $   11,350.00


Configuration  Price
Surround version (no Katalyst/no Amps)  $   14,145.00
Surround Amps version (no Katalyst)  $   15,930.00
Surround version (with Katalyst/no Amps)  $   19,500.00
Surround Amps version (with Katalyst)  $   21,285.00

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Features below vary by model configuration:

  • Available in stereo or surround configuration (up to 5.1)
  • Connect wired, wireless or bluetooth
  • Streams virtually any digital source over a standard network
  • Supports formats up to 24-bit 192 kHz
  • Space Optimisation built-in
  • Six customisable smart buttons for immediate access to pinned content from any source
  • Illuminated, jewel-like dial provides comprehensive control and feedback directly from the product
  • Integrates seamlessly with Tidal & Qobuz lossless streaming services
  • Plays Internet radio via TuneIn
  • 10 digital & analogue inputs including HDMI ARC and USB Audio Class 2
  • HDMI Switching module in Surround configuration – 4 inputs / 1 output (available as an upgrade for Stereo configuration)
  • Built-in MC/MM phono stage for connecting a turntable
  • Up to 5.1 Surround Sound Processing (Surround configuration only or available as an upgrade for Stereo configuration)
  • Connect multiple Linn DSM players for a high performance multiroom system
  • Analogue outputs for connection to pre- or power amps
  • Exakt Link for connection to Linn Exaktbox or integrated speakers
  • Features Katalyst DAC Architecture
  • Up to 6 channels of 100W/channel into 4 Ohms, bespoke Linn-designed, bridged Class-D amplifier with post-filter feedback

Expert Reviews

Not only do we like this digital stream player, those in the know like it too.  Here’s what they have to say:

Source Date Key comment Click the link for the full review
What HIFI? 2019 The new Selekt DSM moves the game on yet again
Computer Audiophile 2018 Wonderful industrial design and usability aspects usually found in more lifestyle products
The ear 2018 First impressions
Hifi Pig 2018 Beautiful in its simplicity
Inside CI 2018 Sublime Linn Selekt DSM network music player elevates streaming audio
hifi+ 2018 Linn’s latest does everything superstar, the Selekt DSM looks like a winner

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