QED Performance Active HDMI


Multi award winning HDMI cable from QED designed specifically for use with Ultra High Definition (UHD) video over cable runs up to 15m in length.

QED Performance Active HDMI  Price 
8 metre single cable  $  299.00
10 metre single cable  $  379.00
12 metre single cable  $  449.00
15 metre single cable  $  449.00


Until now it has been impossible to achieve the data rate necessary to support fully uncompressed UHD video over the long distances required for modern high performance projector and home cinema installations. The maximum uncompressed resolution of Active Filter TM Technology based on HDMI 1.4b was 4K30 and although it could convey 4K60 video this was always automatically compressed by the source equipment, usually to 4K60 4:2:0. The new 2.0b compatible cable is easily capable of transmitting uncompressed 4K60 UHD.

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