QED Performance Audio 40 RCA


QED Performance Audio 40i RCA  Price 
0.6 metre stereo pair  $    119.00
1.0 metre stereo pair  $    149.00
2.0 metre stereo pair  $    199.00
3.0 metre stereo pair  $    249.00


The latest addition to the award winning QED Performance Audio 40 range of products, celebrating 40+ years of industry leading connectivity innovation.

Performance Audio 40 shares an almost identical construction and geometry with the award winning Reference and Signature Audio 40 analogue interconnects, omitting only the most expensive components. Through use of QED’s Complementary Conductor (TM) Technology, Anamate (TM) RCA plugs and floating Ferrite insulation, Performance Audio 40 provides timing and detail to a level rarely delivered by even the most expensive of analogue interconnects.

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