Linn Akudorik system


Looking for stunning sonic performance combined with truly elegant styling? Look no further.

Components  Price
Linn Akurate System Hub  $       5,500.00
Linn Akudorik Exakt speakers  $    37,000.00
Cost without turntable  $    42,500.00
Linn Akurate LP12  $    14,000.00
Cost including turntable  $    56,500.00
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Much more than a baby brother to an Akubarik Exakt system, the stand-mount Akudorik system is a stunning work of engineering beauty.

Comprising an Akurate System Hub connected to the Akudorik speakers (now with Katalyst DAC) via an Exakt link, the destination for the lossless digital path only concludes when it reaches the speaker. The result is that what you hear remains a far more faithful reproduction of the original recording.

What’s more, when you combine exquisite looks with a compact design, you have a high-performance system to complement virtually any room.

Simply add an Akurate LP12 if you’d like to listen to your favourite vinyl.

Want to know more? Just see the Linn website…

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