Rega Planar 6 turntable


Configuration Price
Turntable only  $    2,600.00
Turntable + Ania cartridge  $    3,500.00

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The Planar 6 turntable from Rega. A wonderfully refined, articulate and precise turntable that’s as lovely to listen to as it is to look at.

The Planar 6 is constructed around a unique ultra-light foam core plinth and HPL laminates. It is designed to deliver a level of performance beyond anything at this price. The Planar 6 features the RB330 tonearm and a dual-layer float glass platter. The supplied Neo turntable power supply provides convenient speed selection, advanced anti-vibration control, and electronic fine speed adjustment.

The Planar 6 is built around the huge success of the RP8 and RP10 turntables. It is the first new Rega turntable to be constructed with an ultra-lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core plinth (a material developed for the aerospace industry). This material is sandwiched between a new HPL (high pressure laminate). HPL is exceptionally thin whilst extremely rigid and is presented in a stunning Polaris matt grey finished with high gloss polymer black edge trim.

The Planar 6 now benefits from a single piece, machined aluminium sub-platter, a new 24 V motor hand tuned and matched to its own Neo power supply and custom drive pulley fitted with the upgrade drive belt as standard.

If you want to know more about the Rega Planar 6 turntable, just follow this link to the Rega website.

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  • RB330 tonearm with stainless balance weight
  • Exact (MM), Ania (MC) or Ania Pro (MC) cartridge factory fitted (optional)
  • Dual layer float glass platter
  • Double brace technology
  • Tancast 8 foamcore plinth
  • Custom matched Neo PSU
  • EBLT advanced drive belt
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects

Expert Reviews

Not only do we like this turntable, those in the know like it too.  Here’s what they have to say:

Source Date Key comment Click the link for the full review
What HIFI? 2021/20/18/17 Best turntable £1,000-£2,000.  A wonderfully refined, articulate and precise turntable
HIFI Choice 2019 Group Test Winner. You probably know how this goes – a stunning turntable for the money.
AV Forums 2018 Editor’s choice. For turntable arm and cartridge combinations under £1,500, the Rega is truly outstanding and an unconditional best buy.
The ear 2017 Best Buy. This is killer turntable that gets to the heart of the music in an effortless and high resolution fashion the like of which is still very rare.

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