QED Profile eFLEX HDMI  Price 
1 metre single cable  $  59.00
2 metre single cable  $  79.00
3 metre single cable  $  89.00


With the eFLEX HDMI, QED’s multi-award winning Profile HDMI cable just got better.

The class leading compact HDMI cable which won the Product of the Year Award 2010 in What Hi-fi? has been constantly developing since – with all lengths being designated Deep Colour capable in 2011 and the HDMI Ethernet and Audio Return channel added in 2012. Now QED have added an eFlex(TM) jacket and a miniature plug to the already versatile design so that the cordage is at once more pleasing to handle and even better at fitting into those confined spaces behind wall mounted large flat screens. At QED, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our cable products.

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