Q Acoustics Concept 300 speaker


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Q Acoustics Concept 300 incl Tensegrity stand  $  8,999.00
Q Acoustics Concept 300 NO stands  $  7,499.00
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The Concept 300 speaker from Q Acoustics. Rigorous engineering, uncompromised design and elegant aesthetics makes this speaker sound as amazing as it looks.

To build a standmount speaker that performs sonically beside its stunning Concept 500 sibling was always going to be an ambitious brief for Q Acoustics. To design something inherently stylish yet being clean and understated moves that bar even higher.

On the outside, numerous lacquer coats produce a high-quality gloss finish which is combined with real-wood veneers. The uncluttered look of the cabinets is further enhanced by innovative from-behind drive unit mounting using strong spring-tensioned retaining bolts. To the rear is an over-specified panel providing flexible cable termination options whilst also resisting any vibrations from the cabinet.

What really sets this speaker apart however is its Tensegrity stand. Designed as an integral part of the speaker as a whole, an elegant stainless steel tripod is kept in place by tensioned stainless steel cables, all connected to a base plate that isolates the cabinet from the stand using four suspension springs. The result is performance entirely unhindered by internal or external influences.

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  • Point to Point cabinet bracing provides optimum stiffness and hence reduced panel vibrations
  • A carefully designed crossover utilising high grade components feeds each drive unit free from introduced noise or distortion
  • A Dual Gelcore cabinet damps the cabinet walls and converts higher frequency vibrations into harmless heat
  • A mechanically decoupled HF driver, provides effective isolation of delicate high frequency sounds
  • A large diameter voice coil provides a midrange and bass response that’s as punchy and dynamic as it is poised and eloquent
  • The integrated Tensegrity stand combines sonic performance and room-friendly elegance
  • Five stunning finishes options give these speakers a true sense of quality and ensure that they fit perfectly into your listening environment

Expert Reviews

Not only do we like this speaker, those in the know like it too.  Here’s what they have to say:

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Sound Advice 2022 Exquisitely finished, you’ll soon appreciate why the concept 300 stereo speakers are worth every penny. https://www.sound-advice.online/product-reviews/q-acoustics-concept-300
Trusted Reviews 2019 Q Acoustics hits the bullseye yet again with the Concept 300 loudspeakers https://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/q-acoustics-concept-300
CNET 2019 Stunning design, innovative tech, and superb sound come together https://www.cnet.com/news/modern-sounds-and-the-q-acoustics-concept-300-speakers/
Tech Radar 2019 Audition as a matter of urgency. https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/q-acoustics-concept-300-review
Tech Hive 2019 Editor’s Choice.  Grand sound in a compellingly intriguing package. https://www.techhive.com/article/3388061/q-acoustics-concept-300-review.html
The ear 2019 5*  A unique and highly entertaining loudspeaker system that’s well worth its asking price http://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/q-acoustics-concept-300-standmount-loudspeaker
Expert Reviews 2019 5* Recommended https://www.expertreviews.co.uk/speakers/1410276/q-acoustics-concept-300-review-listen-at-your-credit-card-s-peril
What HIFI? 2019 An innovative and complex pair of flagship standmounters https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/q-acoustics-concept-300

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