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The 5040 speaker from Q Acoustics. A multi-award winning floorstander with a modest footprint. Full-scale audio excitement for potentially small spaces.

The 5040 is a notably compact floorstander with a modest footprint – which means it’s ideal for those environments where space is at a premium but the desire for full-scale audio excitement (as well a visual gratification) is strong.

Ahead of the curve

The new 5000 series from Q Acoustics is a range of stereo and home cinema loudspeakers that will recalibrate your perceptions of how a speaker can look and sound. By embodying genuine and significant advancement in driver design, the game-changing C3 Continuous Curved Cone™ mid/bass driver elevates the 5000 series beyond any nominal rival. By incorporating the innovative cabinet technology first deployed in the company’s flagship Concept range, the 5000 series is as uncompromised on the inside as it is sophisticated and contemporary on the outside.

Sophisticated and contemporary design

The reductive nature of the C3 Continuous Curved Cone’s™ appearance is also reflected in the 5000 series minimalist design, with its sophisticated but contemporary lines leaning towards the elegant form of the latest Concept speaker series. The baffle fronts are laminated with a layer of butyl rubber and black acrylic trim, not only to provide a damping layer to suppress vibration occurring in the baffle, but to offer an eye-catching counterpoint to the cosmetically clean front presentation uninterrupted by any fixings.

Mid/bass driver design

At the heart of the ground-up mid/bass driver design is the C3 Continuous Curved Cone™. The cone’s geometry requires good motor strength for optimal performance. Substantial magnets are coupled to large voice coils to increase motor strength – the result is a 50% increase in power handling and control over a comparable driver with 25.4 mm voice coil. The result is an improvement in the dynamic range of the speaker, especially in the bass region.

High-frequency driver design

Based on the tweeter design principle found in the newest Concept series, the high frequency driver unit is hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated (floating) from the baffle to prevent internal pressure modulations from within the cabinet and adjacent mid/bass driver. The inner chamber is also carefully vented for lower distortion, with a lower crossover point for seamless integration through the crossover region.

C3 Continuous Curved Cone™

A genuine advancement in elements of mid/bass driver design, the C3 Continuous Curved Cone™ profile is the result of extensive research and expert engineering to combine the bass performance benefits of a traditional straight conic cone with the high/mid-range frequency control of a flared cone.

By creating a single, smooth, continuous curve profile, the advantages are clear. Its excellent dispersion, alongside its well-controlled frequency response and reduced harmonic distortion, enables smoother integration with the tweeter. Deep bass dynamics are also superior, with this and tighter, damped low-end sound allowing more flexibility in in placement of speakers near the wall boundaries of the listening room.

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Expert Reviews

Not only do we like this speaker, those in the know like it too. Here’s what they have to say:

Source Date Key comment Click the link for the full review
What HIFI? 2023 5* Best Buy. When partnered with care they deliver a wonderfully expressive and insightful performance that’s class-leading at this level https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/q-acoustics-5040
Stereophile 2023 Q Acoustics’s 5040 offers superb sound quality. Highly recommended. https://www.stereophile.com/content/q-acoustics-5040-loudspeaker
Sound Advice 2023 What you are getting for your £999 with the 5040s puts them into a class of their own…clearly designed by people who love their music. https://www.sound-advice.online/product-reviews/q-acoustics-5040
Ecoustics 2023 If the budget allows — consider these a must audition in 2023. https://www.ecoustics.com/reviews/q-acoustics-5040-2/
Andrew Robinson 2023 It is possible to achieve audiophile happiness without crossing into high price territory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycaFbM0ZBkw
Son Video 2023 An excellent mid-range solution that allows you to benefit from the expertise of the British manufacturer at a reduced price. https://blog.son-video.com/en/2023/05/q-acoustics-5020-and-5040-pure-musicality/
The ear 2023 Best Buy. Put the 5040s at the top of your shortlist. You will be hard pressed to find something more musically rewarding https://the-ear.net/review-hardware/thrills-with-q-acoustics-5040/

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