Cambridge Audio Evo 150 all-in-one Streamer / Amplifier


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The all-in-one Evo 150 streamer amplifier from Cambridge Audio. Just add speakers and enjoy superb high-res audio quality from one elegant, discreet box.

With Evo 150, Cambridge Audio has brought your audio past and present into the future. With outstanding Hypex NCore Class D amplification and their class-leading StreamMagic music streaming platform on board, all you need to do is add speakers to enjoy superb high-resolution audio quality from one elegant, discreet box.

And thanks to its suite of digital and analogue inputs, as well as its high-quality digital-to-analogue convertor, Evo can be the heart of your hi-fi system for years to come.

All-In-One Simplicity – Just Add Speakers
Combining streaming smarts and high-class amplification in one box means Evo only needs wiring to mains power and to speakers to serve up thrilling sound quality.

Streaming music from Evo means saying goodbye to metres of connection cables, and hello to intuitive, straightforward functionality in one sleek, good-looking box.

Easy to Set up, Easy to Use
It couldn’t be simpler. Plug Evo into the mains and wire it to your speakers. Then, fire up your favourite music streaming service and connect to Evo using the app, Bluetooth or Evo’s built-in streaming service support. Pick a tune, press play and adjust the volume to your taste.

StreamMagic App
The StreamMagic app offers comprehensive control of the entire Evo system, plus access to the world’s most popular and highest-quality music streaming services. It’s clear, logical and stable – so Evo will do precisely what you want it to, rapidly and accurately, from wherever you are in your home.

Of course, you might prefer the app of your favourite music streaming service – if that’s your preference, no problem. Evo will be just as responsive to your inputs and commands.

Connectivity to Suit Your Needs
Thanks to its suite of digital and analogue inputs, Evo is ready for you to add your favourite sources – a turntable, say, or a CD player – and build a wider system. Even video sources can join in. Just connect your TV’s HDMI ARC output to Evo’s ARC input and you’ll be all set.

No matter where your music’s coming from, Evo will make it sound its best.

Bluetooth Convenience. HD Sound Quality
Nothing’s easier or simpler than streaming via Bluetooth. Evo takes it to the max by using aptX HD Bluetooth – which is wireless, high-definition music streaming, with flawless transmission and incredibly realistic, convincing sound.

Evo delivers all the wireless convenience you want, with none of the sonic compromises.

If you want to know more about the Cambridge Audio Evo 150, just follow this link to the Cambridge Audio website.

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  • Simple to use, thrilling to listen to
  • Rich dynamics, huge scale and complete control means inspiring sound
  • Compatible with every format, from vinyl to digital streaming and everything in between
  • Numerous digital and analogue inputs for wide-ranging system possibilities
  • Perfected to work with the widest range of speakers
  • Powerful enough to drive two sets of speakers with no problem

Expert Reviews

Not only do we like this all-in-one digital stream player, those in the know like it too. Here’s what they have to say:

Source Date Key comment Click the link for the full review
Sound Advice 2022 The evo 150 looks great, and it sounds even better, a streaming amp delivering truly large-scale hi-fi
What HIFI? 2021 5* A well-equipped top-of-the-line streaming system.
L&B Tech Reviews 2021 When it comes to compact all-in-one amplifiers, it can hardly be done better than the Cambridge Evo 150.
Stereophile 2021 Make no mistake, the Cambridge EVO 150 is a serious piece of equipment. It looks snazzy and makes sophisticated sound.
Stereo Magazine 2021 Remarkable. Truly Remarkable. Definitely watch and listen to it, having it presented to you as soon as it’s possible again would be best!
HIFI Report 2021 Cambridge audio Evo 150 network streaming player can let you indulge in the song and enjoy the kind of touch that this music brings to you.
The Collector 2021 Another top-notch performer from the guys at Cambridge Audio.
Forbes 2021 This is a great-looking all-in-one audio system that’s wonderfully compact and delivers a sound that is way beyond sublime.

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