Streaming system 2a. Linn Selekt DSM + Q Acoustics Concept 300/500 system


Partner a Linn Selekt DSM with Q Acoustics Concept 300/500 speakers and match stunning performance with killer looks and a great price point.

On demonstration NOW.  Just get in touch to hear this system for yourself in our demo studio.


Get a system that looks and sounds stunning – match a Linn Selekt DSM with a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 300s or Concept 500s.

With jaw-dropping looks and musicality to match, the Selekt DSM streamer/amplifier combination delivers performance normally attributed to much less wallet-friendly products. What’s more, its modular design provides future-proofing that few systems can match; for example choosing the high-specification Katalyst DAC.

In the Q Acoustics Concept 300 standmount loudspeaker you get a sonic performance that belies its price point, together with a room-friendly compact footprint.  All of this is delivered within a truly distinctive package – finished off with the elegantly-understated Tensegrity stand.

With a huge sound stage and amazing levels of clarity, the Concept 500 from Q Acoustics is a simply stunning loudspeaker.  Combining state-of-the-art technologies with contemporary style, this is audio excellence matched by amazing value.

You can even listen to your LP’s.  Just add a Linn Akurate LP12 to hear them in perfect clarity.

System option one  Price
Linn Selekt non-Katalyst  $      10,500.00
Q Acoustics Concept 300  $        5,999.95
2 x 3m Linn K200 high performance speaker cable+plugs set  $            790.00
System option one cost  $      17,289.95
System option one + Linn Akurate turntable  $      31,289.95


System option two  Price 
Linn Selekt Katalyst  $      13,500.00
Q Acoustics Concept 500  $        7,999.95
2 x 3m Linn K200 high performance speaker cable+plugs set  $            790.00
System option two cost  $      22,289.95
System option two + Linn Akurate turntable  $      36,289.95

System Components

If you’d like to know more about the components that make up this system, just click the links below.  Each link will open up a new browser tab, so just close a tab when you’re done.

Component  Links
Linn Selekt DSM
Q Acoustics Concept 300
Q Acoustics  Concept 500
Linn Akurate LP12 turntable
Linn K200 high performance 2-core speaker cable