Linn Selekt DSM / Q Acoustics Concept 500 system


Fuse style, sophistication and sonic performance. Linn Selekt DSM plus Q Acoustics Concept 500.

Components Price
Linn Selekt Katalyst $     13,495.00
Q Acoustics Concept 500 $         7,999.95
Cost without turntable $     21,494.95
Linn Majik LP12 $         6,400.00
Cost including turntable $     27,894.95


If you’re after a system that simply oozes quality, look at combining Linn’s stunning Selekt DSM streamer with the multi award-winning Concept 500’s from Q acoustics.

With jaw-dropping looks and musicality to match, the Selekt DSM punches well above its weight.

Utilising Linn’s stunning Katalyst DAC, this streamer/amplifier combination provides sonic performance normally associated with much higher-end offerings. What’s more, its modular design provides future-proofing that few systems can match.

With a huge sound stage and amazing levels of clarity, the Concept 500 from Q Acoustics is a simply stunning loudspeaker. Combining state-of-the-art technologies with contemporary style, this is audio excellence at an amazing price point.

Want to add a turntable? The Majik LP12 is the perfect partner.

Looking for more info? Just see the Linn website…
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